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Jersey Proposes Infrastructure Levy

Friday, June 23, 2017

Jersey is consulting on the introduction of a land development charge, to be called the Jersey Infrastructure Levy.

The proposed Levy will be a low, broad-based charge imposed on an owner or developer when land is given permission for development. The money raised will be used to fund essential community infrastructure.

The proposed levy would be charged at GBP85 (USD108) per square meter on new developments with at least 75 square meters of new floor space (roughly the size of a two-bedroom apartment), and all new residential units with an increased floor area. It is proposed that affordable homes and development undertaken by charitable trusts would be exempt from the charge.

Steve Luce, Minister for the Environment, said: "Land in Jersey is at a premium and permission to develop immediately makes it more valuable. But development brings with it more pressure on the surrounding community. We think it's fair that the land owner or developer who makes a significant profit out of permission should also make a small contribution to improve the quality of life for people in that community by improving or providing new facilities or services."

The consultation will run until September 1, 2017.