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Irish Govt Reviewing Biofuel Tax

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ireland's Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has indicated that it is reviewing the tax treatment of fuel sources that contain biofuel to remove disincentives to the production of less pure fuel blends. Under Irelandís new carbon tax, fuels that contain less than 10% biofuel attract a tax of around 4.5%.

Producers in support of the amendment asked the government to revise the law to take into account that the most common biofuel blends contain between 4% and 7% biofuel, and are currently taxed at the same rate as those made entirely from unsustainable sources.

The Managing Director of Green Biofuels Ireland, Nick Tierney, has said that the current tax treatment of less pure biofuel mixes will remove incentives for producers helping Ireland to achieve lower carbon emissions, and is hopeful that the government will exempt fuels which contain more than 4% biofuel content. Tierney noted that this would tally with Irish producersí obligation to have an average of 4% biofuels in their fuel annual sales, starting from July 2010.