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Guernsey Announces Aircraft Registry Plans

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Guernsey government has announced that it has agreed with a private sector partner to launch an aircraft registry from the island.

The agreement covers the development and operation of the registry, under a public-private partnership arrangement, whereby the responsibility for the operational aspects of the public service of an aircraft registry will be outsourced to SGI Aviation as a private provider.

According to the proposals, the Guernsey registry plans to differentiate itself from competitors through the provision of unique tax advantages, quality of service, operational flexibility and targeted marketing.

The initial development phase is expected to take approximately 14 - 18 months, after which the registry will become fully operational, with a launch date set for mid-2013. The day to day operation of the registry will be managed by SGI Guernsey, a subsidiary of SGI Aviation, which will be incorporated in Guernsey specifically for this purpose early in 2013.

The project is expected to result in significant financial benefits for the Guernsey community with potential revenue opportunities for the aviation and financial services sectors.

Guernsey's Director for Civil Aviation, Fergus Woods, commented: "This is a great opportunity for Guernsey. It is not just about offering this one service; the presence of an aircraft registry will create an attractive environment for private enterprise to flourish and thereby contribute to the local economy."

It is anticipated that the registry will achieve 150 Guernsey registered aircraft by 2015. The registry forecasts that aircraft owners resident in, and operators from the Channel Islands, will form the initial primary group of registrants.

The Registry activities will include safety oversight of all aircraft, applying safety standards that are on a par with the highest in the world. The registration prefix is anticipated to be the number '2', followed by four letters (e.g. '2-ABCD').