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Conservative Lobby Groups Endorse Trump Tax Plan

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A "Conservative Coalition" of over 30 "free-market" organizations has voiced its support for the US Government's new comprehensive tax reform plans.

The letter said: "It's past time to give tax relief to American middle-class wage earners and allow job creators to compete... Congress has a historic opportunity to give Americans the simpler, fairer tax code they deserve and for too long have been denied. We commend the unified framework put forth by the White House and congressional leaders."

The latest letter, a personalized copy of which was sent to every member of the US House of Representatives, praised the Framework for proposing to level the playing field between US and foreign firms, incentivize local investment, and raise wages.

The signatories included the National Taxpayers Union, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, the National Tax Limitation Committee, the Tea Party Patriots, and the Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

"America is ready for a simpler, fairer tax code with lower rates on hardworking families and job creators. Congress and the administration have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make these historic reforms a reality," said Americans for Action Network Executive Director Corry Bliss. "The Tax Reform Framework lays out a vision that prioritizes much needed tax relief for middle-class wage earners and allows job creators to compete in a global economy. Pro-growth tax reform will help unleash new prosperity for all Americans, and this coalition stands squarely behind the members of Congress who are fighting for that."