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Canada Waives Income, Activities Reporting For Labor Org's

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Canada's Revenue Minister has announced that certain reporting requirements on labor organizations and labor trusts will be waived.

Under Bill C-377, which came into force on December 30, 2015, labor organizations and labor trusts are required to file reports with the Revenue Minister. These reports must disclose financial information, along with information on political, lobbying, and other non-labor relations activities.

These requirements will be waived for fiscal periods starting in 2017. Last year, the Revenue Minister waived the reporting requirements for fiscal periods starting on December 31, 2015, and through 2016.

In January 2016, the Government tabled legislation to repeal the reporting requirements introduced by Bill C-377. This legislation is currently at the second reading stage in the Senate.

Legislation is already in place to ensure that unions make financial information available. Section 110 of the Canada Labour Code requires unions and employers' organizations to provide financial statements to their members upon request and free of charge.

Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier said: "To avoid imposing an unnecessary burden on labor organizations, the Government of Canada will establish a more fair and balanced approach. Our government acknowledges and appreciates the value that the labor movement brings by advocating for working Canadians."

Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk added: "Repealing Bill C-377 is an important step in fulfilling our promise to restore the balance between unions and employers across this country. We are committed to putting forward legislation that strengthens the relationship between Canadian workers, unions, and employers, and repealing the changes made by Bill C-377 is an example of this commitment."