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Austria's BZ÷ Presents Pact Against New Taxes

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

During a recent press conference held in Vienna, leader of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZ÷), Josef Bucher, presented his pact against the introduction of new taxes in Austria (Pakt gegen neue Steuern).

Bucher, the first party leader to sign the pact, urged representatives of all other parliamentary parties to follow suit, and to sign the pact opposing new levies as a pledge to the countryís electorate.

The preamble of the text states that the signatories of the pact guarantee that no new taxes or additional fiscal charges will be introduced in order to consolidate the countryís budget. Budgetary consolidation and reduction of state debt is best achieved through state reform, it continues.

According to Bucher, given the fact that the Austrian government is eager to postpone the countryís 2011 budget, risking penalties of over half a billion euros from the European Union, the budget should be drafted immediately. Bucher is convinced that the government plans to increase the tax burden in a bid to make up the EUR6bn shortfall in the budget.

In his statement, Bucher emphasized the fact that the BZ÷ remains opposed to tax rises, stating that this would prove fatal for both the population and for the economy. Consequently, the BZ÷ is demanding that a debt brake rule is inscribed in the countryís law, and that an immediate reform of administration takes place, he added.

Given that Austria has a top rate of tax of 42%, there is currently no scope for increasing taxes, Bucher concluded, especially given the lower rates of income tax on offer in neighbouring Switzerland.