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Argentina And San Marino Sign TIEA

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Argentina and San Marino have signed an agreement to exchange tax information, it has emerged.

The agreement was signed by Antonella Mularoni, Secretary of State for Foreign and Political Affairs, Telecommunications and Transportation, San Marino and the head of Argentina's Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), Ricardo Echegaray.

The agreement provides for exchange of information sourced from banks and persons acting as representatives or fiduciaries. It also allows for the provision of data related to the ownership of companies, trusts, and foundations.

With regard to San Marino, the agreement covers general income tax applicable to individuals, corporations, companies and sole proprietorships, together with indirect tax on imports.

On the Argentinian side, it encompasses Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Personal Property and the Minimum Presumed Income.

The Argentine government foresees signing similar financial information-sharing agreements with the Cayman Islands, the Netherland Antilles, Aruba and Barbados.