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Amsterdam May Hike Tourist Tax

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amsterdam's city council is reportedly considering a substantial hike to tax on tourist stays in the city to generate funds for infrastructure investment and to discourage budget tourism.

There is currently a five percent tax on tourist accommodation in the Dutch capital. However, according to Dutch newspaper Het Parool, the council is mulling the introduction of a flat tax of a few euros on top of the existing room tax.

Udo Kock, the council member responsible for finance, told Het Prool that the idea behind such a tax increase was to discourage budget holiday makers who use cheap accommodation and spend little money in the city, of which he said there are an increasing amount.

"The number of visitors will grow from 17 million to 23 million in the coming years and that means more cleaning and a greater police presence in the streets. And I want Amsterdammers to profit from the success of the city," Kock was quoted as saying by Het Prool.

"We need more people who actually spend money in the city. We would prefer people who stay a couple of nights, who visits museums, have lavish meals at restaurants to people who pop over for a weekend eating falafel while sauntering around the red light district," he told the paper.