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Offshore Trusts Guide News Archive

India Announces More COVID-19 Measures 28/5/2020

Switzerland Sends 2019 Taxpayer Data Under CRS 11/10/2019

IRS To Waive Small Tax Debts For Former Citizens 9/9/2019

UK Shelves Plans For Surcharge On Overseas UK Property Buyers 25/7/2019

Australia Explains Tax Disclosure Obligation On Largest Firms 12/2/2019

South Africa Drops Paper Forms To Encourage E-Filiing 16/7/2018

Tax Deadline Approaching For Americans Abroad 14/6/2018

Switzerland To Amend Anti-Money Laundering Law 4/6/2018

EU Council Adopts Directive To Make Company Ownership Data Public 17/5/2018

HMRC To Add To Arsenal Against Diverted Profits 12/4/2018

IRS Explains How To Calculate Transition Tax Liability 12/4/2018

Australia Expands Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law 28/3/2018

OECD Delivers Rules To Prevent Tax Transparency Standard Evasion 13/3/2018

Canada To Reform Taxation Of Passive Investments 28/2/2018

Australia's Board Of Taxation Considers Bare Trusts Tax Reform 14/2/2018

Australia To Strengthen Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law 14/2/2018

UK Tax Advisers Welcome Inheritance Tax Review 5/2/2018

UK Launches Inheritance Tax Review 1/2/2018

HMRC Provides Trust Registration Update 8/1/2018

EU's Tax Info Exchange Rules In Force 5/1/2018

Australia Consults On Taxation Of Collective Investment Vehicles 21/12/2017

MEPs Approve PANA Committee Tax Recommendations 15/12/2017

Luxembourg Announces Beneficial Ownership Register 8/12/2017

Dutch Government To Tighten Trust Office Rules 21/11/2017

Ireland Amends Employment And Investment Incentive 6/11/2017

Mexico Welcomes First Tranche Of Int'l Taxpayer Data 24/10/2017

UK Tax Professionals Call For Trusts Register Delay 17/10/2017

Australia Announces Tax Breaks For Affordable Housing Investments 15/9/2017

South African Finance Minister Reflects On Tax Policy 12/9/2017

Western Australia To Introduce Foreign Buyer Tax 7/9/2017

Aus Treasurer Attacks Opposition Tax Policies 31/8/2017

Ireland Found 'Compliant' With Tax Transparency Standards 23/8/2017

South Africa Legislates For Budget Tax Changes 20/7/2017

Australia Improves Financial Services Tax Regime 19/7/2017

Jersey Proposes Infrastructure Levy 23/6/2017

NZ Foreign Trust Numbers Expected To Fall 27/6/2017

Abu Dhabi Tax-Free Zone To Launch Foundations 2/6/2017

Australian Budget Targets Housing, Tax Compliance 10/5/2017

Australia Delays Action On Stapled Structures 2/5/2017

Australia Consults On Taxation Of Stapled Structures 30/3/2017

Australian DPT Legislation Passes Senate 27/3/2017

New Zealand Explains Foreign Trust Disclosure Changes 27/3/2017

Canadian Budget Focuses On 'Tax Fairness' 23/3/2017

More Tax Hikes For UK Taxpayers In 2017 Budget 9/3/2017

ACOSS Submits Recommendations For Australian Budget 2/3/2017

MEPs Call For Wider Access To Beneficial Ownership Data 1/3/2017

New Zealand Tax Changes Enter Into Force 28/2/2017

Australian Accountants Urge Tax Burden Shift 14/2/2017

IRS Issues Final Regulations On REIT Spin-Offs 24/1/2017

Hong Kong Consults On Beneficial Ownership Plans 13/1/2017

Hong Kong Reports On Incorporations In 2016 12/1/2017

Canada Waives Income, Activities Reporting For Labor Org's 21/12/2016

South African Tax Bills Approved By Parliament 19/12/2016

Dip In Taxpayer Filings In South Africa 30/11/2016

ATO Issues Warning On Contrived Trust Arrangements 17/11/2016

Australia Considers Reforming Taxation Of Collective Investment Vehicles 3/11/2016

Canada To Close Property Tax Loophole 5/10/2016

South Africa Extends Employment, Learnership Incentives 27/9/2016

India, Seychelles To Exchange Tax Information 16/9/2016

Canada Allows More Time For GST Proposal Feedback 7/9/2016

UK To Alter Inheritance Tax Rules On Non-Doms 22/8/2016

IMF Comments On Korean Tax Policy Direction 22/8/2016

Cayman Islands Registered Firms Top 100,000 Mark 19/8/2016

Tax Avoidance Scheme Promoters To Face New UK Penalties 18/8/2016

South Africa Issues Tax Amnesty Guide 15/8/2016

NZ Introduces Bill To Simplify Business Taxes 8/8/2016

Canada To Improve GST/HST Legislation 26/7/2016

South Africa Revises New Voluntary Disclosure Program 22/7/2016

New Zealand To Set Up Register Of Foreign Trusts 13/7/2016

South Korea To Provide Venture Capital Incentives 12/7/2016

France Opens Register Of Trusts 8/7/2016

MEPs Support Tough New Anti-Avoidance Regime 7/7/2016

European Commission Announces New Anti-Avoidance Measures 6/7/2016

South African Tax Season Opens On July 1 29/6/2016

NZ Publishes Findings On Foreign Trusts 28/6/2016

MEPs Call For Tougher Anti-Avoidance Rules 22/6/2016

Aus Serious Financial Crime Taskforce Secures Convictions 16/6/2016

France to Publicize Beneficial Ownership Information 17/5/2016

SARS Issues Draft Interpretation Note On REITS 16/5/2016

Australian Tax Board Proposes Tax Transparency Code 9/5/2016

NZ Inquiry Launched On Foreign Trust Disclosure Rules 3/5/2016

International Support For Beneficial Ownership Info Exchange 27/4/2016

SARS Issues 2015/16 South African Tax Guide 25/4/2016

European Parliament To Investigate Panama Papers 19/4/2016

Five EU Countries Agree To Share Beneficial Ownership Data 15/4/2016

New Zealand To Review Foreign Trusts' Transparency 12/4/2016

NZ Revenue Minister Says Tax Regime Robust 6/4/2016

ACOSS: Australia Should Strengthen Tax Base 10/3/2016

US Relief Sought For Canadian Tax-Exempt Savings 8/3/2016

Australia Appoints New CEO To Board Of Taxation 1/3/2016

South Africa Issues Guide On Accounting Periods 18/2/2016

IRS Warns On Use Of Tax Shelters 17/2/2016

SARS Issues Revised List Of Reportable Tax Arrangements 5/2/2016

South Korea To Incentivize REITs 4/2/2016

SARS Resurrects Old Guide On Property Transfers 28/1/2016

Canada Proposes New Tax Rules For Trusts 18/1/2016

Ghana's New Income Tax Law Enters Into Force 1/1/2016

Ghana Introduces New Income Tax Law 14/12/2015

South Africa Sees Significant Rise In Tax Returns 2/12/2015

Australian Senate Passes Key Tax Measures 26/11/2015

NZ Introduces Property Tax Reform Bill 17/11/2015

HMRC Issues Brief On New Beneficial Ownership Rules 17/11/2015

Ecuador Introduces Bill To Prevent Evasion Of IHT 5/11/2015

Expats In France May Be Eligible For Social Security Refunds 26/10/2015

Indonesia Announces New Tax Incentives 23/10/2015

Australia Launches Serious Financial Crime Taskforce 19/10/2015

UK Consults On Non-Dom Tax Reforms 7/10/2015

LITRG Comments On UK's Personal Savings Allowance 2/10/2015

Deadline Looms For HMRC's Contractors Amnesty 22/9/2015

IRS Provides Guidance On Gifts From US Expatriates 14/9/2015

New Zealand's Bright-Line Bill Passes First Reading 9/9/2015

NZ Introduces Property Tax Bill 25/8/2015

ACOSS Calls For Shake Up Of Australian Super Tax Breaks 5/8/2015

Barclays Warns Expats Of Possible Account Closures 23/7/2015

UK Tax Amnesty Deadline Nears For Employee Benefit Trusts 20/7/2015

Indonesia Relaxes Rules On Expat Property Ownership 14/7/2015

MEPs Urge EU States To Champion Tax Initiatives 9/7/2015

IoD: UK Budget Should Support Industry 6/7/2015

Singapore Updates REIT e-Tax Guide 23/6/2015

UK Register Of Companies Raises Privacy Concerns 18/6/2015

SARS Issues South African 2015 Tax Return Notice 16/6/2015

Costa Rica Commits To Enhanced Tax Transparency 11/6/2015

EU To Implement New 'Ultimate Owner' Rules 25/5/2015

Dubai Expats To Benefit From DIFC's Wills And Probate Registry 28/5/2015

Jafza Reports Rapid Expansion In 2014 7/5/2015

EU Council Endorses Beneficial Ownership Proposals 21/4/2015

South Africa Adds To Reportable Tax Arrangements 19/3/2015

ATO Offers Update On Taskforces 13/3/2015

Resurgence In Spanish House Prices In 2014 10/3/2015

UK Government Launches 'Pensioner Bonds' 17/2/2015

UK Labour 'Off The Mark' On Hedge Fund Tax Claims 13/2/2015

Wales Consults On SDLT Devolution 11/2/2015

Dubai Customs Inks MoU With New Free Zone 22/1/2015

IRS Updates Non-Resident Withholding Tax Guide 7/1/2015

Deloitte Releases Singapore 2015 Budget Wish List 2/1/2015

EU Drops Public Naming Of Ultimate Beneficiaries 25/12/2014

Canadian Budget Legislation Receives Royal Assent 24/12/2014

Few Changes In British Virgin Islands' 2015 Budget 19/12/2014

Scrapping Nova Scotia Tax Break Would Blunt Province's Edge 26/11/2014

Brussels Moving On Ownership Registries, Says STEP 26/11/2014

IRS Clarifies IRA Rollover Rule 14/11/2014

Sears, Pinnacle Entertainment Look At US REITs 12/11/2014

Australian Offshore Amnesty Reveals AUD1bn In Assets 28/10/2014

Canada To Implement 2014 Budget Tax Provisions 15/10/2014

Singapore Issues Business Trust e-Tax Guide 14/10/2014

Guernsey To Post Surplus After 2015 Budget Measures 10/10/2014

Switzerland Commits To Automatic Tax Information Exchange 10/10/2014

Guernsey Welcomes Migration Of First Foreign Foundation 8/10/2014

US Tax Inversion Planners Respond To Treasury Measures 8/10/2014

South Africa Issues Draft Guide On Special Trust Taxation 22/9/2014

ATO Updates Discretionary Trust Partnerships Guide 3/9/2014

Canada Consults On Numerous Tax Law Amendments 3/9/2014

Hong Kong Relaxes Restrictions For REITs 1/9/2014

HMRC Consults On Strict Liability Tax Penalties 26/8/2014

NZ Green Party Promises New Top Tax Rate In Election Bid 19/8/2014

HMRC To Shut Employee Benefit Trust Amnesty 19/8/2014

US Territories Seek Clarity On Net Investment Income Tax 18/8/2014

DeVere Criticizes UK Death Tax Plans On The Living 14/8/2014

UK Reduces Scope Of New Property Gains Tax 8/8/2014

Australia Challenging Property Development Tax Avoidance 1/8/2014

OECD Releases New Tax Info Exchange Standard 23/7/2014

Farmers Warned About UK Inheritance Tax Grab 10/7/2014

HMRC Steps Up Property Raids In Anti-Avoidance Crackdown 8/7/2014

NZ Opposition Would Hike Top Income Tax Rate 25/6/2014

Equities Increasingly Favored By UK Expats 17/6/2014

FATCA Hurts Law-Abiding Americans Abroad: Heritage 16/6/2014

Guernsey Seeks Equal Rules On Beneficial Ownership Disclosure 10/6/2014

IRS Warns US Expats Of Filing Deadlines 4/6/2014

Singapore Revises Carry Back Relief e-Tax Guide 29/5/2014

Australia Promises Simpler Tax Filing Process 7/5/2014

Best Property Returns In Burgeoning Markets: Report 8/5/2014

Austria's SPÖ Proposes EU Tax Enforcement Actions 7/5/2014

Guernsey Wary Of Publicizing Ownership Information 2/5/2014

IoM Considers Beneficial Ownership Registry 29/4/2014

French Asset Management Firms Agree Partnership 9/4/2014

India Unveils Latest Direct Tax Code Proposals 4/4/2014

IRS Advises Taxpayers With Foreign Income 1/4/2014

ATO Launches Offshore Tax Amnesty 31/3/2014

European Parliament Backs New Money Laundering Law 17/3/2014

Banks Struggling To Win Wealth Management Business 12/3/2014

UK Wealth Manager To Buy Way Into Asia Expat Market 6/3/2014

Seychelles's New FSA To Regulate Offshore Financial Sector 6/3/2014

Jersey Wealth Management Business Grew In Q4 28/2/2014

HK Budget Mulls Fiscal Sustainability Over Longer-Term 27/2/2014

G20 Committed To 'Global Response' To BEPS 25/2/2014

La Cloche Wealth Management Opens Dubai Office 20/2/2014

No New Taxes For Canada, Says Flaherty 13/2/2014

Irish Real Estate Market In Recovery Mode 30/1/2014

First Names Group To Acquire Guernsey's Mercator 10/1/2014

Philippines Stock Exchange To Press For REIT Tax Changes 3/1/2014

Tax Evasion Hits Developing Countries 30/12/2013

Italy Confirms Removal Of Foreign Capital Declaration Threshold 30/12/2013

NGOs Tell EU To Tackle Tax-Related Capital Flight 23/12/2013

UK Relief For Employee Ownership Structures Welcomed 13/12/2013

Nautilus Opens Office In Mauritius 13/12/2013

Call To Cut Double Taxation Of Americans Resident Abroad 9/12/2013

French Court Validates Most Of Anti-Tax Fraud Law 9/12/2013

JTC Acquires Fund Administration Business In Guernsey 6/12/2013

Benelux Focuses On Strengthened Tax Cooperation 29/11/2013

Survey Finds Many UK Over-50s Want To Retire Abroad 21/11/2013

Hong Kong Reviews Its Trust Reforms 20/11/2013

ECOFIN To Talk Tax 15/11/2013

Make REITs Tax Efficient, Says SEBI Chief 1/11/2013

NZ Tax Department Backs OECD BEPS Plan 30/10/2013

Jersey Amends Trust Legislation 29/10/2013

Bahamas FM Encourages Entrepreneurship In Compliance 17/10/2013

Isle Of Man First To Sign UK FATCA-Style Agreement 16/10/2013

Argentine Tax Reform Comes Into Force 15/10/2013

French Senate Waves Through Anti-Tax Evasion Bill 11/10/2013

Liechtenstein, Malta Sign DTA 4/10/2013

Irish Revenue Explains Taxation Of Employee Benefit Schemes 20/9/2013

Liechtenstein Congratulated On Successful Tax Policy 19/9/2013

Argentina Introduces New Tax On Dividends, Capital Gains 17/9/2013

Canada Consults On 2013 Economic Action Plan 18/9/2013

Hong Kong Warned Of Need For Continued Product Development 11/9/2013

Brown Advisory Extends Service To US Expats In UK 22/8/2013

Bahamas Makes Statement On FATCA 15/8/2013

Australia Improves MIT Tax System 7/8/2013

Offshore Company Formations Have Slowed 7/8/2013

ATO Unveils Compliance In Focus Program 19/7/2013

Canada Legislates For Tax Fairness Reforms 18/7/2013

Malta Signs Tax Treaty With Macau 18/7/2013

Belgium Boosts International Tax Agreement Tally 9/7/2013

NZ Tax Revenues Up 9/7/2013

Switzerland Set To Sign French Inheritance Tax Deal 9/7/2013

Swiss Bankers Seek Changes To New FATF Rules 8/7/2013

French Lawmakers Back Anti-Tax Evasion Bill 28/6/2013

Cayman Islands Issues Action Plan On Beneficial Ownership 27/6/2013

France Presents National Tax Evasion Action Plan 26/6/2013

Austria, EU Stress FTT Urgency 25/6/2013

Bulgaria Promises Action On Offshore Companies 24/6/2013

Jersey Issues Action Plan On Beneficial Ownership 24/6/2013

UK Unveils "Action Plan" On Beneficial Ownership Rules 25/6/2013

US Publishes G8 Beneficial Ownership Plan 24/6/2013

G8 Leaders Agree To Tax And Transparency Plans 20/6/2013

Switzerland To 'Cooperate Actively' On OECD AEI Standard 19/6/2013

Labuan IBFC Shows Further Growth 18/6/2013

Hong Kong Tax Exemption Should Boost Hedge Funds 6/6/2013

Canadian Govt Consults On Taxation Of Trusts 4/6/2013

Juncker Defends Automatic Information Exchange Stance 29/5/2013

Venture Capital's Contribution To UK PLC Charted 28/5/2013

IRS Chases Taxpayers With Foreign Assets 29/5/2013

Austria Notes EU Agreement On Tax Evasion Action 27/5/2013

UK Fund Managers Welcome Tax Reform 24/5/2013

Hong Kong Consults On Investor Regime Enhancements 20/5/2013

Guernsey Reiterates Cooperation In Tax Matters 17/5/2013

US, UK, Australia To Provide Tax Information To Others 14/5/2013

Austria Eyes US FATCA Deal 10/5/2013

Committee Reports On Canadian Anti-Avoidance Initiatives 8/5/2013

Austria Willing To Negotiate With EU On Banking Secrecy 1/5/2013

France, Germany Seek Tougher AML Regulations 29/4/2013

Jersey Admits Its 200th Foundation 26/4/2013

Jersey Tours UAE To Build Financial Services Ties 24/4/2013

Tax Incentive For Major Australian Infrastructure Projects 19/4/2013

Global Forum Gives Singapore A Pass Mark 17/4/2013

AICPA Submits US Civil Tax Penalty Reform Proposals 16/4/2013

JP Morgan Launches New Investment Offering In Guernsey 16/4/2013

G5 To Develop And Pilot Multinational Tax Info Exchange 12/4/2013

IRS Provides Tax Tips For Taxpayers With Foreign Income 29/3/2013

Spain, UK Sign Revised DTA 27/3/2013

Argentinian Tax Audit Flags 285,000 Taxpayers 25/3/2013

Flaherty Cracks Down On Tax Evasion In New Budget 25/3/2013

Malta To Increase Oversight Of Trusts Sector 22/3/2013

UK Chancellor Delivers Pro-Business Budget 22/3/2013

BVI Aims To Foster Stronger Ties With Dubai 19/3/2013

Australian Govt Urged To Close Tax Loopholes 13/3/2013

IoM Updates Guidance For Trust Services Providers 8/3/2013

Hong Kong Budget Provides Less In Handouts 1/3/2013

Bermuda Relaxes Beneficial Owner Reporting Rules 26/2/2013

Isle Of Man To Redraft Companies Law 20/2/2013

LGT Headquarters Middle East Business In Dubai 19/2/2013

Independent Guernsey Trust Companies Merge 18/2/2013

Hong Kong Gazettes Trust Law Reform 13/2/2013

Panama Approves Israeli, UAE Double Tax Pacts 11/2/2013

Former Banking Head To Lead Cayman Finance 8/2/2013

Bermuda Outlines 2013 Regulatory Priorities 6/2/2013

Wells Fargo Establishes DIFC Branch 6/2/2013

Brazil Removes IOF Tax On REITS 5/2/2013

Guernsey Home To Most Non-UK LSE-Listed Companies 1/2/2013

Jersey Wins 'IFC Of The Year' Gong 30/1/2013

Jersey Minister Gives Channel Islands Aircraft Registry Update 29/1/2013

Jersey Announces Increase In New Business Licenses 23/1/2013

DIFC Space In High Demand 24/1/2013

Labuan Issues Guidelines For International Commodity Trading Companies 22/1/2013

Liechtenstein, Austria Close To Tax Agreement 18/1/2013

Austria To Agree Swiss-Style Tax Deal With Liechtenstein 15/1/2013

Guernsey Begins Offering Foundations 11/1/2013

New Investment Manager Sets Up In Jersey 10/1/2013

Guernsey Fiduciary Firm Establishes Shanghai Office 8/1/2013

LegCo To Consider Hong Kong Pension System Reforms 8/1/2013

Guernsey Foundations Available From January 9 4/1/2013

Updated UK-Singapore DTA In Force 3/1/2013

Liechtenstein, UK DTA In Force 2/1/2013

Ireland, US Reach FATCA Deal 28/12/2012

Hong Kong Urged To Reduce Business Costs 21/12/2012

Luxembourg, US To Conclude FATCA Agreement In 2013 20/12/2012

Cayman Premier Dismisses Allegations 18/12/2012

Jersey Financial Services Industry Recuperating 17/12/2012

Liechtenstein, Austria Eye Swift Conclusion Of Tax Deal 12/12/2012

Canadian Revenue Minister Highlights Support For Business 10/12/2012

Hong Kong Survey Shows Active Investment Products Market 11/12/2012

IRS Issues Proposed Rules For Two 'Obamacare' Taxes 11/12/2012

UK, IoM To Sign Enhanced TIEA 11/12/2012

Muted Year For Cayman Financial Services 10/12/2012

Charitable Guernsey Fund IPO Raises GBP270m 10/12/2012

UK Announces Comprehensive Tax Compliance Plan 5/12/2012

Hong Kong Reports Trust Law Reform Consultation Conclusions 28/11/2012

Guernsey Expands Scope Of Corporate Tax 26/11/2012

Canada To Clear Technical Tax Amendment Backlog 27/11/2012

Guernsey Amends Anti-Money Laundering Rules 22/11/2012

Guernsey Foundations Explored In London 21/11/2012

Global Forum Praises Liechtenstein's Progress On Tax Compliance 14/11/2012

Malaysia DTA Further Evidence Of NZ's Tax Transparency 12/11/2012

Australia, US Begin FATCA Talks 12/11/2012

IoM Reinforces Financial Services Marketing Rules 8/11/2012

Guernsey To Enhance Annuity Trust Rules 5/11/2012

Jersey Rated Top International Wealth Finance Centre 1/11/2012

BVI Companies Act Amendments Effective 31/10/2012

Crown Dependencies Hold First Trilateral Meeting 30/10/2012

Canada To Implement Outstanding Tax Measures 29/10/2012

NZ To Negotiate FATCA Agreement With US 30/10/2012

Australia To Modernize Taxation Of Trust Income 25/10/2012

Guernsey Foundations Law Generates International Interest 24/10/2012

Jersey Enhances Trusts Legislation 23/10/2012

Cayman Islands Enacts Company Fee Hikes 22/10/2012

Gibraltar Launches QROPS Compliance Code 22/10/2012

Jersey To Change ISE Fees For Trusts 22/10/2012

Manx Judge Clarifies Jurisdiction In Bankruptcy Case 18/10/2012

Guernsey Ups Far Eastern Marketing Push 17/10/2012

Guernsey Regulator Plans Company Fee Hike 11/10/2012

Guernsey's Profile Growing In Russia 11/10/2012

Singapore Introduces New Corporate Disclosure Regime 10/10/2012

Dunne Dismisses NZ Tax Haven Claims 9/10/2012

Swiss Banks Buckling Under Tax Deal Pressures 9/10/2012

Guernsey Sees Far East Promise 4/10/2012

Conyers Advises HKT On Hong Kong Listing 2/10/2012

IoM Pension Scheme Scoops UK Award 2/10/2012

Mourant Ozannes Sets Standard In Offshore Market 27/9/2012

AML Standards Highest In Offshore Territories 27/9/2012

Bahamas Touts Fund Sector Innovations In Brazil 26/9/2012

London Prepped On Guernsey Foundations Law 25/9/2012

Cayman Hikes Work Permit Fees 19/9/2012

DIFC Hails First Half Expansion 13/9/2012

Channel Islands Sign New Tax Information Pacts 10/9/2012

Jersey's JTC Group Expands Into South America 24/8/2012

Australia To Cut Tax For Trusts Holding 'Clean Buildings' 21/8/2012

Cyprus QROPS Struck From HMRC Approved List 20/8/2012

Cayman-Structured IPO Of Man United Falls Short 14/8/2012

UK Pensioners Dealt Further Blow In Guernsey RATS Case 14/8/2012

Hong Kong Gazettes New Companies Bill 14/8/2012

Andorra Implements New Law Regarding Foreign Investments 13/8/2012

Jersey Structure Plays Key Role In Man Group Acquisition 8/8/2012

HMRC To Resist Pensioners' Claims In ROSIIP Case 7/8/2012

India Extends E-Filing Deadline After Blackout 3/8/2012

Australia Consults On Fixed Trust Reforms 1/8/2012

Guernsey Parliament Approves Foundations Law 30/7/2012

Canada Drafts Legislation To Plug Tax Loopholes 27/7/2012

ATO Compliance Programme Includes Tax Avoidance Crackdown 25/7/2012

Cayman Drafts Incorporated Cell Company Alternative 25/7/2012

Collas Crill Looks To Build Upon Presence In Singapore 24/7/2012

Jersey Favoured For Non-UK LSE Listings 23/7/2012

Hong Kong Develops Its Fund Management Business 20/7/2012

SARS Focuses On Tax Practitioners' Compliance 19/7/2012

Guernsey Extends Fiduciary Return Deadline 18/7/2012

Hong Kong's New Companies Bill Approved 18/7/2012

Liechtenstein, China Initiate TIEA Talks 16/7/2012

Guernsey Prepares To Launch Foundations 16/7/2012

Guernsey Aims To Revive QROPS Business 12/7/2012

Jersey Again Recognised As Offshore's Leading IFC 12/7/2012

Mixed Performance For Cayman Financial Centre In 2011 11/7/2012

Manchester Utd Plans Cayman Public Offering 9/7/2012

SARS Anticipates Record 2012 Tax Filing Season 5/7/2012

Guernsey Cements Insurance Sector Dominance 5/7/2012

Maltese Trusts Sector Represented At Key Industry Event 4/7/2012

Jersey Publishes Financial Sector Profitability Data 4/7/2012

IoM Aircraft Registry Marks 500th Jet Milestone 3/7/2012

IRS Announces Efforts To 'Help' US Taxpayers Overseas 29/6/2012

Guernsey To Amend Record-Keeping Requirements 27/6/2012

Chinese Interest In Guernsey Trusts Grows 25/6/2012

Liechtenstein, UK Sign Tax Agreement 14/6/2012

Guernsey Receives UK Clarification On QROPS Rules 14/6/2012

India's Top B2B Funds Platform Opens In DIFC 11/6/2012

IRD Reminds HK Businesses Of Registration Requirements 8/6/2012

Dutch Pension Tax Rules Breaching EU Law 4/6/2012

UK Consults On New Property Tax 4/6/2012

DIFC Reflects On Impressive Growth 1/6/2012

Liechtenstein Submits Bearer Share Reform To Parliament 30/5/2012

IoM Clarifies Tax Treatment Of Foundations 28/5/2012

Accountants Urge IRS To Simplify Foreign Pension Reporting 24/5/2012

Jersey Highlights Private Client Business 23/5/2012

Hong Kong Abolishes Corporate Capital Duty 15/5/2012

Gibraltar Proposes Law Change To Offer UK QROPS 15/5/2012

Guernsey Announces Aircraft Registry Plans 15/5/2012

DIFC To Accept Credit Rating Agencies 10/5/2012

Australian Budget Scraps Planned Business Tax Cuts 10/5/2012

Financial Crisis Hits Jersey Finance Industry Profits 10/5/2012

Offshore Merger And Acquisition Activity Rises 9/5/2012

Nissan Infiniti Locates Global HQ In Hong Kong 4/5/2012

London Property Investors Shrug Off Tax Fears 4/5/2012

Insurance Ratings Agency Establishes DIFC Office 4/5/2012

Ireland, US In Talks Over FATCA 1/5/2012

Jersey Advisers Consider UK Budget Impact 30/4/2012

German Cabinet Adopts Swiss Tax Deal 30/4/2012

Bermuda Concludes Marketing Push In China 26/4/2012

Hong Kong Confirms Business Registration Fee Waiver 25/4/2012

Switzerland Begins To Implement FATF Revisions 24/4/2012

Guernsey Fund Lists On LSE 24/4/2012

South Africa Pushing For Tax Compliance By HNWIs 20/4/2012

Guernsey 'Singled Out' In UK QROPS Change 17/4/2012

IoM 50C Pension Scheme Falls Foul Of New QROPS Rules 16/4/2012

Offshore QROPS Domiciles Stunned At HMRC's Last-Minute Change 12/4/2012

Jersey Business Sentiment In The Doldrums 12/4/2012

Jersey Responds To QROPS Change With New Offering 11/4/2012

IoM To Simplify Company Residency Regime 5/4/2012

Gordhan Reviews South African Tax Season 3/4/2012

State Street Granted Jersey Banking License 30/3/2012

South Africa Issues Tax Guide For Shareholders 28/3/2012

Jersey Retains Top Offshore Ranking 29/3/2012

Jersey Assesses UK Stamp Duty Measures 29/3/2012

Guernsey Prepared For QROPS Changes 27/3/2012

Australia Delays Financial Advice Reforms 26/3/2012

Guernsey Wealth Management Promoted In India 23/3/2012

Isle Of Man Targets 'Rogue Businesses' 23/3/2012

Hong Kong Launches Consultation On Trust Law Reform Bill 26/3/2012

UK Budget A Mixed Bag For Expats 26/3/2012

Gibraltar Government To Back Finance Industry 23/3/2012

Switzerland, EU Discuss Tax 22/3/2012

Interest In Guernsey As A Film Finance Centre Grows 16/3/2012

PNL Pioneers New Offshore Insurance Products 14/3/2012

Guernsey Firm Gets CSP Licence 12/3/2012

US Court Closes Employee Insurance Benefit Tax Scheme 12/3/2012

Hong Kong Reviews Plans For Financial Services 9/3/2012

IoM Reports Downturn-Busting Growth In Specialist Industries 7/3/2012

UK QROPS Proposals 'Grossly Unfair On Guernsey' 29/2/2012

Mixed Fortunes For Cayman Finance Industry 1/3/2012

UK Warns Against Early Release Pension Schemes 1/3/2012

Appleby Set To Launch Shanghai Office 28/2/2012

South African Budget Unveiled 24/2/2012

Jersey Planning Permission Changes To Benefit Businesses 23/2/2012

Another Solid Year For The DIFC 23/2/2012

France Backs New FATF Standards 21/2/2012

UK, Singapore Ink DTA Protocol 22/2/2012

SBA Welcomes New FATF Standards 21/2/2012

First Jersey Private Placement Fund Approved 20/2/2012

Malaysian Budgetary Efforts Stunted By Economic Slowdown 16/2/2012

Guernsey Firms Scoop Offshore Business Awards 14/2/2012

First Jersey Firm Lists On NYSE 10/2/2012

Appleby Forms First Manx Foundation 9/2/2012

Liechtenstein, UK Seal Tax Treaty 9/2/2012

Guernsey Prepared For Change To UK QROPS Rules 7/2/2012

BlueCrest Seeks Fresh Investment In High-Yield Fund 7/2/2012

India Likely To Change Tax Law After Vodafone Case 6/2/2012

Osborne Urged To Slash UK Corporate Tax 3/2/2012

Mourant Ozannes Opens Hong Kong Office 3/2/2012

Switzerland Yields To US Tax Demands 6/2/2012

E-Gaming Giant Applies For Jersey License 3/2/2012

Liechtenstein's PM Welcomes Dawn Of New Tax Era 1/2/2012

Finance Malta Launches 'Sector Guides' 30/1/2012

Liechtenstein Aligns Investment Laws With EU 27/1/2012

Guernsey Remains Leader In Non-UK Listings 27/1/2012

Guernsey Outlines 2012 Financial Sector Agenda 25/1/2012

Merger Creates Russian 'Superbank' 25/1/2012

Guernsey Reports Inflow Of Insurance Companies 18/1/2012

Malta Finance Centre In Good Shape 18/1/2012

Jersey Ups Promotion In India 12/1/2012

Ogier First Offshore Law Firm In Luxembourg 13/1/2012

Double-Digit Growth For Manx Shipping Registry 12/1/2012

Guernsey Structure Employed In UK Mortgage Scheme 12/1/2012

Hong Kong Company Registrations Hit New Record 10/1/2012

Irish Pensioners Facing Tax Hit 9/1/2012

Singapore Issues Revised E-Guide On Tax Treatment Of Trusts 9/1/2012

Centamin Shifts Tax Residency To Jersey 4/1/2012

Cayman Special Economic Zone Opens Up 4/1/2012

IoM Amends AML/CTF Handbook 30/12/2011

Gibraltar To Redraft Companies Act 29/12/2011

Jersey Structure Employed In Polymetal's LSE Listing 23/12/2011

BVI Business Activity Rises 21/12/2011

Hong Kong Relaxes Professional Investor Rules 20/12/2011

IoM Hosts Chinese Entrepreneurs 19/12/2011

IoM Welcomes New Gambling Operator 15/12/2011

Jersey Reports Healthy Finance Industry 14/12/2011

UK Consults On Changes To QROPS Taxation 13/12/2011

IoM Targets Unregistered Businesses 9/12/2011

Singapore Hikes Property Taxes 12/12/2011

Litigation Funding Now Available In Jersey 6/12/2011

Jersey Litigation Fund Breaks New Ground 5/12/2011

STEP Policy Group Seeks To 'Demystify' Private Wealth 2/12/2011

Trusts To Benefit From Australian Tax Reforms 28/11/2011

UK Launches New Offshore Tax Unit 24/11/2011

DMCC Welcomes Rise In Company Formations 24/11/2011

IoM Public Sector Pension Overhaul Praised 22/11/2011

Malta Consults On New ICC Structures 22/11/2011

Gibraltar's Tax Sovereignty 'Unaffected' By EU Ruling 21/11/2011

Isle of Man Set To Introduce Foundations 18/11/2011

Channel Islands Tout Wealth Management Offerings In Asia 17/11/2011

Guernsey Selected To Facilitate USD6.3bn Leveraged Buyout 17/11/2011

Canada Approves Use Of BSX Securities In Retirement Savings Plans 17/11/2011

IOM Promotes Island's Captive Insurance Capabilities 8/11/2011

Gibraltar Clarifies Tax Position Of UK Pensions 8/11/2011

Tax Compliance An Increasing Factor In Asian Wealth Planning 8/11/2011

Philippines Issues Retirement Account Tax Regulations 4/11/2011

Canada Consults On Income And Sales Tax Changes 3/11/2011

Cayman Captive Insurance Market Grows 3/11/2011

Labuan Gives Tax Incentives For Oil And Gas Trading 2/11/2011

UK Targets Foreign Property Owners 3/11/2011

Hong Kong's Fund Managers Told Of New Opportunities 1/11/2011

IoM Promotes Pensions Industry 25/10/2011

IoM Forges Stronger Commercial Ties With UAE 24/10/2011

Jersey Trust Companies Amalgamate 24/10/2011

Anguilla Praised On Tax Transparency 24/10/2011

Luxembourg Gives Boost To Financial Centre In Asia 20/10/2011

New Zealand Tax Man Targeting Overseas Accounts 19/10/2011

Guernsey Continues Promotional Efforts In Asia 18/10/2011

Atlas Targets Asian Trust Services Market 18/10/2011

Guernsey To Push Ahead With Aircraft Registry 17/10/2011

UK Tax Relief Changes To Hit Pension Contributions 17/10/2011

Further Call For Indirect Tax Switch In Italy 17/10/2011

Hong Kong To Boost Its Regulatory Regime 14/10/2011

Canada, SVG Begin Tax Information Exchange 13/10/2011

Guernsey, Luxembourg Explore Fund Sector Synergies 12/10/2011

Tax Incentives Feature In Malaysia's 2012 Budget 11/10/2011

Switzerland, UK Seal Tax Deal 10/10/2011

Switzerland Reaches Out To Over-Taxed HNWIs 6/10/2011

Liechtenstein, North Germany Strengthen Ties 4/10/2011

Lingering Downturn Impacts Cayman Finance Centre 5/10/2011

IRS Reminds Estates Of New Tax Break 5/10/2011

Isle Of Man Eyes Second Casino Complex 29/9/2011

Jersey Rated As Top IOFC 29/9/2011

Merger Creates Guernsey Fund Administration Powerhouse 26/9/2011

Global Forum Affirms Liechtenstein's Fiscal Commitments 19/9/2011

IoM Introduces Incorporated Cell Company Form 15/9/2011

Abacus Launches Bespoke IoM QROPS Scheme 14/9/2011

Guernsey Leads In QROPS Transfers 14/9/2011

Implementation Of Caribbean Companies Registry Begins 9/9/2011

First Incorporated Limited Partnership Formed In Jersey 9/9/2011

Bermuda Reminds Insurers Of Reclassification Requirement 5/9/2011

New Zealand Government Welcomes Tax Avoidance Ruling 29/8/2011

Bermuda Insurance Company Registrations Up 29/8/2011

Jersey To Widen Fund Prospectus Rules 19/8/2011

Mourant Ozannes Advises On USD13bn Reverse Takeover 16/8/2011

Hawksford Continues Global Expansion 8/8/2011

Vistra Acquires Herald Fund Services 5/8/2011

Australia To Remove Disability Trust Barriers 2/8/2011

First Channel Island Law Firm Opens In Singapore 3/8/2011

Company Formations Boost Cayman Economy 2/8/2011

Guernsey Firm Pioneers Aircraft Leasing Venture 3/8/2011

IoM Firms Alerted To Anti-Terror Law 1/8/2011

Virgin Considers Swiss Tax Move 29/7/2011

Philippines Issues REIT Revenue Regulations 1/8/2011

Hong Kong Continues To Grow Its Fund Management Business 22/7/2011

Canada Amends 'Tax Fairness' Law 22/7/2011

Hong Kong Companies Now Total Over 900,000 20/7/2011

Bermuda Issues Q1 Financial Services Data 15/7/2011

Jersey Delivers Landmark Trust Ruling 12/7/2011

Philippines REIT Tax Regulations Approved 12/7/2011

Jersey Company Used For Major London Listing 11/7/2011

Hong Kong Strengthens Research Analyst Rules 6/7/2011

BVI Highlights Trust Expertise 6/7/2011

New Zealand Publishes AML Regulations 4/7/2011

Hong Kong FDI Soars 4/7/2011

Kolar Gold Chooses Guernsey Base 5/7/2011

IoM Clean Tech Industry Poised To Expand 4/7/2011

ATO Warns About Employer Loan Repayments 1/7/2011

Australian Tax Experts Welcome Trust Guidance 1/7/2011

Fairbairn Trust Recognized For QROPS Offering 30/6/2011

UK Approves IoM QROPS 29/6/2011

Portugal Expands Tax Treaty Remit 24/6/2011

Guernsey At The Centre Of Major Trusts Ruling 24/6/2011

Carey Olsen Advises On 'Pioneering' Offshore Restructuring 22/6/2011

Singapore Reviews Companies Act 23/6/2011

Jersey's Finance Centre Shows Strong Growth 23/6/2011

Kane Group Expands Presence In Guernsey 17/6/2011

French Assembly Adopts Collective Budget Bill 17/6/2011

Hong Kong Studies Listing Of Business Trusts 14/6/2011

Guernsey Seeks Trusts Data 14/6/2011

UK Legislates For San Marino TIEA 13/6/2011

South Africa Consults On 2011 Budget Bills 6/6/2011

Kleinwort Bensons Expands Offshore Reach 7/6/2011

Australia Clarifies Trust Taxation 7/6/2011

Canada Expanding TIEA Network 6/6/2011

OECD Reviews Jurisdictions' Tax Transparency 2/6/2011

UK Tightens Pension Tax Rules 27/5/2011

Jersey, Israel Explore Business Synergies 26/5/2011

Australia Improves Disability Trust Tax Rules 23/5/2011

Philippines To Announce REIT Tax Exemptions 19/5/2011

France Presents Wealth Tax Reform Plans 13/5/2011

New Zealand Considers QROPS Code Of Conduct 12/5/2011

Guernsey Woos Russian Investors 9/5/2011

Onshore Domiciles Attract Captive Formation 6/5/2011

Carey Olsen Named Offshore Law Firm Of The Year 5/5/2011

Bermuda Open For Islamic Investment 5/5/2011

Investors Reassured After HMRC's QROPS Attack 4/5/2011

Cayman Islands Amends Companies Law 2/5/2011

HSBC's Expat Explorer Tool Launched 2/5/2011

OECD Publishes Seven Country Reviews On Tax Transparency 28/4/2011

Temporary Pension Holiday Ends For Cayman Islands 25/4/2011

Jersey Finance Targeting Affluent Russians 25/4/2011

Australia Delays Trust Tax Overhaul 21/4/2011

First Jersey Company Law Reference Book Published 20/4/2011

First Channel Islands Trust Firm Opens India Office 18/4/2011

Guernsey Consults On Foundations Law 15/4/2011

Fund Corporation Secures Guernsey Administration Contract 14/4/2011

Australia To Improve Taxation Of Trust Income 14/4/2011

Hong Kong To Launch First RMB IPO 13/4/2011

Hong Kong Issues REIT Guidance 12/4/2011

Jersey Boosts Appeal To Funds 11/4/2011

Channel Islands Mergers And Acquisitions On The Rise 8/4/2011

UK Targets Overseas Pension Tax Loophole 8/4/2011

Channel Islands Law Firms Merge 7/4/2011

Guernsey QROPS Code of Practice Published 7/4/2011

EU Launches Assault On 'Harmful' Taxes 5/4/2011

NZ Ministers Highlight Tax Changes 28/3/2011

US 'Free File' Open To Expats 29/3/2011

IK Acquires Offshore Incorporations Group 29/3/2011

Jersey Firm Helps Gatwick Refinancing 28/3/2011

Jersey Trust Experts Examine Court Rulings 29/3/2011

Switzerland's First Onshore Hedge Fund Launched 28/3/2011

Hong Kong Introduces Electronic Incorporation Service 23/3/2011

Jersey Expands Presence In Key Markets 16/3/2011

Dubai Commodities Centre Promotes Its Benefits 14/3/2011

Guernsey Top Offshore Base For London Listings 11/3/2011

Philippines Introduces New Taxpayer Information Return 9/3/2011

Australia To Improve Taxation Of Trust Income 9/3/2011

ATO Alert Targets Company Loans 7/3/2011

Shorten Details Australian Tax Simplification Plans 7/3/2011

DIFC Attracts Major Insurance Firm 2/3/2011

Isle Of Man Raises Regulatory Fees 28/2/2011

EU Targets UK Anti-Avoidance Laws 23/2/2011

Guernsey's Future Lies In Emerging Markets 23/2/2011

Purisima Climbs Down Over Philippine REITs Rules 21/2/2011

Czech Parliament Adopts Tax Info Exchange Agreements 18/2/2011

South Africa's Provisional Tax Squeezing Taxpayers 16/2/2011

Guernsey Appoints New Registrar Of Companies 15/2/2011

DIFC Celebrates Strong 2010 Performance 14/2/2011

Guernsey Finance Endorses QROPS Code 9/2/2011

Hong Kong Introduces One-Stop Company Registration 8/2/2011

Liechtenstein Reforms Enter New Phase 3/2/2011

Guernsey Association Publishes QROPS 'Best Practice' 3/2/2011

Revenue Revises Proposals For Mandatory E-Filing 28/1/2011

Jersey To Widen Scope Of Merger Law 27/1/2011

NZ's Key Slam's Labour's 'Fantasy' Tax Plans 26/1/2011

Cayman Ship Registry Announces Successful Year 20/1/2011

Hong Kong Gazettes New Companies Bill 19/1/2011

Qatar Financial Centre Attracts Big Names 14/1/2011

HK Sees Record New Company Registrations 17/1/2011

Singapore Introduces Property Market Calming Measures 17/1/2011

Guernsey In Aircraft Investment Company First 13/1/2011

Bermuda Issues 2010 Financial Services Data 29/12/2010

New Zealand Law Commission’s Review Of Trust Law 22/12/2010

Australian Farmers Will Benefit From Changes To Trust Laws 21/12/2010

DIFC Cuts Business Costs 20/12/2010

HMRC Spotlights Tax Schemes 19/12/2010

UK Announces Anti Avoidance Measures 17/12/2010

Self-Employed To Suffer UK Tax Hit 14/12/2010

NZ Trust Tax Rules To Be Amended 9/12/2010

IoM Seeks To Develop Funds Regime 7/12/2010

Guernsey Funds Receive Industry Recognition 25/11/2010

Mauritius Unveils 2011 Budget 22/11/2010

Guernsey Fund Sets Up Regional Headquarters In HK 23/11/2010

Chan Plugs HK's Financial Centre Credentials In London 18/11/2010

Canada Issues Tax Relief Reminder 15/11/2010

UK Contractor Appeals Retrospective Tax Change 10/11/2010

Jersey Captures More Asia Business 8/11/2010

Canada, US Agree Tax Relief For Land Donors 3/11/2010

Ireland Sells Tax Advantage To US Investors 1/11/2010

IoM Details New Pension Schemes 1/11/2010

HK Releases Final Companies Bill Consultation Results 28/10/2010

IoM Modernizes Company Law 25/10/2010

Jersey Fiduciary Industry Conducts Mock Trial 21/10/2010

HK's Role As Asian Business Hub Confirmed 21/10/2010

Australia Consults On New MIT Tax System 19/10/2010

New IP Law Proposed For Jersey E-Commerce 15/10/2010

Cyprus Treaty Provides New Capital Gains Rules 15/10/2010

SEC Proposes New Family Office Rule 15/10/2010

Carey Olsen Advises Wolseley On Jersey Incorporation 13/10/2010

Guernsey Welcomes First Film Finance Fund 13/10/2010

DIFC Cuts Fees 12/10/2010

Panama Faces Up To OECD Test 6/10/2010

Gibraltar Seeks Quality Over Quantity 4/10/2010

Global Tax Forum Issues Peer Reviews 4/10/2010

Wolseley To Shift Tax Base To Switzerland 28/9/2010

Guernsey Firms Acclaimed In Latest Legal 500 27/9/2010

Belize Signs TIEAs With Nordic Countries 22/9/2010

UK Signs TIEA With Netherlands Antilles 21/9/2010

Guernsey QROPS Masterclass Successful 20/9/2010

Bermuda To Introduce Bank Deposit Guarantees 17/9/2010

Philippines Government Wants Changes To REIT Rules 16/9/2010

Hong Kong Registers Its 1.5-millionth Company 6/9/2010

DIFC Announces Strong Growth In 2010 3/9/2010

Jersey Foundations Attract Growing Interest 2/9/2010

Canada Consults On Tax Provisions 1/9/2010

Judge Defends Bahamas 23/8/2010

Jersey Consults On Company Fee Increase 20/8/2010

Carey Olsen Advises On Major Jersey Acquisition 19/8/2010

St Kitts And Nevis Targets Red Tape 18/8/2010

Vermont Issues 900th Captive License 16/8/2010

Chile Plans Capital Market Tax Reforms 11/8/2010

South Africa Sees Improved Tax Compliance 9/8/2010

IoM Announces Greater Flexibility For Limited Partnerships 9/8/2010

SARS Releases Responses On Budget Tax Amendments 4/8/2010

Personal Tax Data At Risk Under TIEAs 5/8/2010

Gibraltar To Land Largest E-Gaming Firm 3/8/2010

Guernsey Launches QROPS Masterclasses 30/7/2010

William Hill Moves Telebetting To Gibraltar 27/7/2010

NZ Extends Work Of Tax Rewrite Advisory Panel 23/7/2010

Dubai Moves To Support Entrepreneurial Activity 23/7/2010

BVI To Amend Trust Licensing, Bank Regulation 22/7/2010

IoM Proposes Abolishing Mandatory AGMs 20/7/2010

Singapore Base For Tuvalu OIFC 21/7/2010

Qatar Gives Boost To Captive Insurance 13/7/2010

Hong Kong Registry Hits New Record 14/7/2010

HMRC Opens Window Of Opportunity For Offshore Trusts 14/7/2010

IoM Reviews Financial Services Legislation 12/7/2010

Appleby Offers Fiduciary Services From Guernsey 8/7/2010

Dixcart Launches Guernsey Business Centre 6/7/2010

BIR Approves Philippines' REIT Tax Incentives 24/6/2010

Australia Adds Detail To MIT Reforms 22/6/2010

NZ Tax Hit To Property Investments 18/6/2010

BVI Releases Draft Public Funds Code 17/6/2010

Marsh Advise How To Capitalize On Captives 16/6/2010

Dunne Reviews NZ's 'Realistic' Budget 16/6/2010

New Zealand To Repeal Gift Duty 11/6/2010

Netherlands Antilles Cooperates In Tax Crackdown 7/6/2010

Offshore Law Firms Merge 3/6/2010

Australia Clarifies Trust Withholding 4/6/2010

UK Landlords Call For Taper Relief 3/6/2010

Australia Redefines MITs 1/6/2010

Japan, Cayman Islands Initial Tax Agreement 28/5/2010

India Presses Mauritius To Renegotiate Treaty 25/5/2010

Turks And Caicos Relaxes Immigration Rules 18/5/2010

Caymans Warn Of HIRE Act Implications 11/5/2010

Australian Property Sector Welcomes Tax Plans 4/5/2010

Irish Revenue Publishes Annual Report 23/4/2010

Ineos Flees UK Tax Net 14/4/2010

India Investment Restrictions Take Effect 13/4/2010

US Seeks Comment On Foreign Account Law 9/4/2010

Guernsey Reviews Companies Law 9/4/2010

Grenada And Dominica Sign TIEAs With UK 6/4/2010

Jersey To Amend Trust Company Rules 2/4/2010

Heritage Performs Landmark PCC Merger 26/3/2010

Hong Kong Advances Financial Services Plan 25/3/2010

NZ To Consider Tax Reform 23/3/2010

Increased Certainty In Australian Tax System 18/3/2010

Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility Failing 19/3/2010

Senate Approves HIRE Act 19/3/2010

Hong Kong Property Taxes Reviewed 16/3/2010

NZ Emissions 'Tax' Attacked 15/3/2010

Orascom Loses Algerian Tax Appeal 12/3/2010

Switzerland, Slovakia Initial Revised DTA 12/3/2010

UK Budget To Hit The Rich 12/3/2010

Jersey Riding Out Onshore Storm 15/3/2010

Germany Approves Liechtenstein TIEA 15/3/2010

UAE Completes VAT Study 12/3/2010

OECD Urges Fiscal Policy Shift 12/3/2010

BVI To Review Taxes And Fees 15/3/2010

Malaysia Not Cancelling GST 12/3/2010

Australia Promised Full Debate On Tax Review 15/3/2010

IRS Offers Help To Struggling Taxpayers 14/3/2010

Baucus Seeks Trade Preference Reform 15/3/2010

Belgium's Kilometer Tax Opposed 11/3/2010

Amazon Retaliates Against Colorado 11/3/2010

Norway Urged To Revise Fiscal Policy 11/3/2010

Bahamas Achieves White-Listing 12/3/2010

Bahrain And UK Sign DTA 11/3/2010

Australia And Chile Sign DTA 11/3/2010

Swiss-German Tax Talks Resume 12/3/2010

US Senate Approves Tax Extenders Bill 12/3/2010

MEPs Push EU Tobin Tax 12/3/2010

OECD Praises Portugal's Fiscal Plan 11/3/2010

Tax Relief For California Storm Victims 11/3/2010

Germany, Uruguay Ink DTA 10/3/2010

UK Budget Date Announced 11/3/2010

Shore Capital Set For Guernsey 10/3/2010

Deloitte UK Offers Year-End Tax Tips 11/3/2010

Austria's U-Turn On Tax Hikes 10/3/2010

Germany's CDU Favours Bank Tax 11/3/2010

Swiss Financial Centre Plan Unveiled 11/3/2010

No Departure Tax For Hong Kong 10/3/2010

China Dampens Real Estate Boom 10/3/2010

Lord Paul Relinquishes Non-Dom Status 11/3/2010

Brazil Launches Sanctions Against US 11/3/2010

Dubai Woos North American Investors 10/3/2010

St Kitts And Nevis Nears White List 9/3/2010

Guernsey Funds Value Increases 10/3/2010

G20 Countries Resist Protectionism 10/3/2010

Liechtenstein Signals Tax Deadline 9/3/2010

India And Bangladesh Revisit FTA Talks 9/3/2010

Switzerland Launches Emerging Markets Fund 9/3/2010

US Sales Taxes Rise 10/3/2010

Jersey To Showcase Island In UAE 9/3/2010

India To Expand TIEA Network 10/3/2010

UK Needs GBP20bn More In Tax 9/3/2010

Germany Debates Stolen Data Law 9/3/2010

IoM Company Fees To Rise 9/3/2010

Australia, San Marino Sign TIEA 8/3/2010

Guernsey Releases Bank Deposit Figures 9/3/2010

Demand Grows For Tax Transparent Vehicles 8/3/2010

EU And India Push FTA 8/3/2010

ATO Refines Tax Compliance Policies 9/3/2010

CBI Urges 'Credible' UK Budget Plan 9/3/2010

Investors Welcome Canada's Tax 'Masterstroke' 8/3/2010

Caribbean Explores Fiscal Cooperation 9/3/2010

Switzerland-Liechtenstein Sign Green Tax Treaty 8/3/2010

Flaherty Delivers Tax-Lite Budget 8/3/2010

Australia Delays Tax Review 5/3/2010

Rangel Quits Key US Tax Post 5/3/2010

Call For UK 'Degree Tax' 5/3/2010

Judge Slams ATO Tax Rulings 5/3/2010

German U-Turn On Tax Data Disc 8/3/2010

US Imposes Duties On Indonesia And China 5/3/2010

Switzerland Postpones UBS Inquiry 8/3/2010

Cayman Economy Struggles 5/3/2010

Captive Insurance Booms In Missouri 5/3/2010

Australia Announces Healthcare Shake-up 5/3/2010

Singapore And EU To Start FTA Talks 4/3/2010

Bahamas Enhances Business Environment 5/3/2010

HMRC To 'Name And Shame' Tax Evaders 5/3/2010

Greece Unveils New Austerity Measures 5/3/2010

Canada To Amend Trust Tax 4/3/2010

Russia Discusses VC Incentives 5/3/2010

Paddy Power Mulls Offshore Move 4/3/2010

Dubai Insurance Sector Growth Discussed 4/3/2010

IoM To Extend Ombudsman Scheme 4/3/2010

New Swiss-Dutch DTA Signed 5/3/2010

India Improves Tax Administration 4/3/2010

Phillipine DOF Opposes Migrant Tax Break 3/3/2010

Cayman Report Rejects Direct Taxation 4/3/2010

Australia Mulls Changes to Resource Taxation 3/3/2010

Health Levy Divides German Coalition 3/3/2010

Rank Calls For Simpler UK Gaming Tax 3/3/2010

IoM Ship Registry Introduces Annual Fee 3/3/2010

US To Police Tax-Exempt Bond Market 4/3/2010

FTSE100 Tax Burden Grows 4/3/2010

MEPs Push Transactions Tax 4/3/2010

IMF Reports On Barbados Visit 2/3/2010

Iraq To Receive World Bank Loan 2/3/2010

Italy Launches New Tax Crackdown 3/3/2010

Bermudan Budget Announced 3/3/2010

Jersey Announces Fall In Deposits 3/3/2010

IFS Slams UK Pension Changes 3/3/2010

Kentucky To Tax Online Gambling 3/3/2010

ASEAN Economic Community Discussed 3/3/2010

South Korea And Switzerland Discuss TIEA 3/3/2010

Taiwan To Offer Shipping Tax Breaks 2/3/2010

Switzerland Mulls WHT On Undeclared Assets 2/3/2010

San Marino Impacted By Crisis 2/3/2010

US Wants Pakistan's Rich To Pay More Tax 2/3/2010

NZ Superannuation Payments To Rise Under Proposed Tax Changes 1/3/2010

Jersey To Invest In Financial Services Sector 2/3/2010

Italy And Switzerland Consider Resumption Of DTA Talks 2/3/2010

Russian Tax Official Arrested Over Nestle Audit 1/3/2010

Tories Pledge Tax Breaks For UK Business 2/3/2010

Lord Ashcroft Reveals Non-Dom Status 1/3/2010

German State Rules Out Purchase Of Stolen Tax Data 2/3/2010

South African Trade Unions Call For Wealth Tax 1/3/2010

Thailand Withdraws Property Tax Breaks 1/3/2010

Lamy Reiterates Importance Of Doha 2/3/2010

IMF Calls On Egypt To Unwind Fiscal Stimulus 26/2/2010

Accountants Push For Adoption Of Global Standards 26/2/2010

Another Offshore Insurer To Relocate To Ireland 1/3/2010

Foot Addresses Guernsey Fiduciary Forum 26/2/2010

India's Budget Focuses On 'Inclusive Growth' 1/3/2010

French Bill To Benefit Entrepreneurs 26/2/2010

Australian Government Releases Forward Work Programme 1/3/2010

Taiwan Withdraws Proposed HQ Tax Breaks 26/2/2010

US Senate Considers Internet Gambling Tax 1/3/2010

Switzerland Unveils Strategy To Combat Tax Fraud 1/3/2010

Coalition For Tax Competition Condemns Reid Jobs Bill 26/2/2010

Consultation On IOM Business Taxation Begins 1/3/2010

Switzerland To Allow Information Exchange In UBS Case 26/2/2010

Australian Senate Postpones Government's Emissions Trading Scheme 25/2/2010

US Senators Want Clean Sweep Of Tax Code 26/2/2010

BVCA Pleads For Stable Competitive UK Tax Framework 25/2/2010

IMF Paper Advises On Fiscal Support Exit Strategies 25/2/2010

Andorra White-Listed By OECD Following Nordic Pacts 26/2/2010

Queensland Land Tax Debate Postponed, Amid Protests 25/2/2010

Taiwan's President Wants Early Signing Of ECFA With China 25/2/2010

Indonesia Seeks 20% Boost In Tax Revenue 25/2/2010

Germany's CDU Divided Over Leniency Granted To 'Repentant' Tax Evaders 25/2/2010

South Korea To Begin FTA Talks With Turkey 25/2/2010

USTR Needs Ideas On Autos To Complete FTA With S. Korea 24/2/2010

San Marino Looks For New Role, As Italy Investigates Possible VAT Fraud 24/2/2010

Betfair To Remain In Tasmania After Tax Break Deal 24/2/2010

Astra Settles Transfer Pricing Dispute With HMRC 24/2/2010

EU To Extend Trade Preferences For West Balkans 24/2/2010

Brussels Advocates Introduction Of Financial Transactions Tax 25/2/2010

Mexico Signs Tax Information Exchange Accords With Bahamas, Panama 24/2/2010

Channel Islands In Good Stead To Attract European Funds 25/2/2010

Obama Prescribes Healthcare Plan To Nation 25/2/2010

Hong Kong Budget Includes Increased Property Taxes 25/2/2010

Sears Chairman Says Current US E-commerce Tax Rules Are Not Sustainable 24/2/2010

Austria Gives Go-Ahead To Bank Tax 24/2/2010

Germany's Schäuble Rules Out Tax Amnesty 24/2/2010

New Laws To Enhance Labuan's Credentials As Financial Services Centre 24/2/2010

South Korea To Propose Tax Incentives For Electric Cars 23/2/2010

Ukraine Announces Tax Breaks For Film Finance 23/2/2010

Switzerland's Silvaplana Introduces Tax On Second Homes 24/2/2010

Four More US States Line Up To Tax E-Commerce 23/2/2010

Layton Calls On Harper To Defer Canadian CIT Cuts 23/2/2010

Syria, Germany Sign Double Tax Pact 23/2/2010

Pakistan, Australia Announce Intention To Sign DTA 23/2/2010

Indonesia Rejects Tax Holidays To Attract Investment 23/2/2010

Indonesia To Clarify Oil And Gas Cost Recovery Rules 22/2/2010

Isle Of Man Restructure Approved By Tynwald 22/2/2010

Greece: Eurogroup May Demand Additional Fiscal Measures 22/2/2010

Austria' Pröll: Bank Tax Possible Under Strict Conditions 23/2/2010

Romania To Introduce Fat Tax On March 1 22/2/2010

IMF Commends Qatar's Fiscal Policy 22/2/2010

Australian Govt Looking Closely At ATO's Private Equity Tax Rulings 23/2/2010

Pension Agreement Concluded Between Austria And Australia 22/2/2010

Bangladesh To Tackle Grey Economy 22/2/2010

Singapore's Budget To Raise Productivity With Tax Incentives 23/2/2010

Annual Fees Proposed For Jersey Non-Financial Businesses And Professions 22/2/2010

UK Publishes Draft Tax Framework For Business 23/2/2010

Hong Kong Extends E-Filing To Company Profits 19/2/2010

PM Denounces St Kitts' Inclusion On French Blacklist 22/2/2010

HMRC Extends Consultation On UK Tax Agents 22/2/2010

India's Transfer Pricing Directorate Rakes In USD5bn Extra Tax 19/2/2010

Ontario Film Tax Credits Contribute To 40% Growth 19/2/2010

IRS Stats Reveal Tax Drop For Top 400 US Earners 22/2/2010

UAE Future Looks Bright, Despite Immediate Challenges 22/2/2010

Irish Business Tax Proposals No Silver Bullet, Says CPA Ireland 22/2/2010

ATO Concentrates On Tax Payments By Larger Companies 19/2/2010

Russian Tax Authority Mishandles Payment Terminal Registration 19/2/2010

Philippines Enacts VAT Exemption For Senior Citizens 19/2/2010

Details Of Declarations Under Tax Amnesty, As Italy Continues Search 19/2/2010

Japan Signs DTA With Kuwait 19/2/2010

No Increase In Net Taxation In South African Budget 18/2/2010

UK Tories Attack Government 'Death Tax' Proposal 19/2/2010

Guernsey Moves To Protect QROPS Investors 19/2/2010

IOM Announces New Penalties On Employers 18/2/2010

COTED Chair Welcomes Progress On Caribbean Free Trade Issues 18/2/2010

Reform Group Urges 12.5% CIT Rate For Northern Ireland 18/2/2010

Minerals Council Warns Against Australian Resource Tax Grab 18/2/2010

US-Brazil TIEA Moves Closer To Reality 19/2/2010

Chinese Cartoon Producers Will Enjoy Preferential Tax Policies 18/2/2010

Ireland: Report Advocates Tax Crackdown On Rogue Directors 19/2/2010

IoM 2010/11 Budget Increases Individual Taxation 18/2/2010

UMass Boston Study Finds State’s Revenues Benefit From Film Industry 18/2/2010

HMRC Investigators Reap GBP373m From Wealthy Taxpayers 18/2/2010

EU Temporarily Withdraws GSP-Plus Benefits From Sri Lanka 17/2/2010

France Firms Up Black List Of Tax Havens 18/2/2010

Australia To Resume Bilateral FTA Negotiations With China 17/2/2010

Russia Offers Tax Breaks On Social Infrastructure Investment 17/2/2010

Jersey Holds Financial Crime Seminar With Asia-Pac Delegates 17/2/2010

'Great Crisis' To Reshape Future Fiscal Policy: IMF 17/2/2010

Norwegian High Court Outlaws Transitional Tonnage Tax Arrangements 17/2/2010

China, Costa Rica Conclude FTA Talks 17/2/2010

IMF Welcomes Dutch Fiscal Consolidation Plans 16/2/2010

Guernsey And Jersey To Share Fiscal Advisory Panel 17/2/2010

Hike VAT, Retract NIS Hike, Says British Businesses Body 16/2/2010

China Clarifies Tax Credit Policy On Foreign Corporate Income 16/2/2010

Global Economists Call For Tobin Tax 17/2/2010

Australia's Project Wickenby Shows Increased Results 16/2/2010

New Zealand Studying Set Up Of Overseas Pension Fund Hub 16/2/2010

Antigua And Barbuda Increases Scope Of Sales Tax 16/2/2010

Germany's Schäuble Seeks Abolition Of Trade Tax 17/2/2010

Switzerland, France Resume DTA Negotiations 17/2/2010

Russia Explores More Private Sector Incentives 16/2/2010

Philippines 2010 Budget Approved; Warning Of Need For New Taxes 16/2/2010

Isle Of Man Business Confidence Rallies 16/2/2010

Switzerland, Canada Initial DTA 15/2/2010

Liechtenstein Pledges Swift Implementation Of Proposed Tax Reform 16/2/2010

Germany's CSU Rejects Health Care Charge Proposal 15/2/2010

Hong Kong Produces Exchange Of Information Rules 16/2/2010

Taiwan To Change Its Maritime Transport Taxation 15/2/2010

French Senate Finance Commission Accepts Proposed 'Google' Tax 15/2/2010

Colorado Passes 2.9% Internet Sales tax Bill 15/2/2010

Australian Small Business Superannuation Clearing House Bill Introduced 15/2/2010

VAT Introduction To Reduce Pakistan's Future Fiscal Deficits 15/2/2010

Increase To VAT Deemed Necessary In Botswana Budget 15/2/2010

UK VAT Set To Rise 16/2/2010

Australian Tax Breaks For Forestry Investment Under Attack 12/2/2010

Barbados, China Sign Protocol To DTA 15/2/2010

China Pollution Report Spurs Green Taxes 15/2/2010

US Senate Approves Bill To Curb Unfair Small Business Penalties 15/2/2010

French Court Of Auditors Criticizes Tax Breaks 15/2/2010

Belize Will Avoid Sanctions, Reassures PM 15/2/2010

Panama And Colombia Discuss FTA 12/2/2010

IOM Yacht Forum Welcomes Clarification On Input Tax Deduction 12/2/2010

Guernsey To Hike Data Protection Fees 12/2/2010

WTO Publishes Trade Policy Review On El Salvador 12/2/2010

Beazley Saves GBP14m From Ireland Redomiciliation 12/2/2010

Irish Revenue Seeks Stolen Tax Disk To Locate Unpaid Tax In Switzerland 15/2/2010

Oman Ratifies UK Double Tax Treaty 11/2/2010

Greece Unveils Tax Reform Programme 12/2/2010

Nigeria To Investigate Unpaid Real Estate Taxes In New York 11/2/2010

OECD Releases Draft Documentation For Cross-Border Tax Claims 11/2/2010

UK Government Under Fire Over 'Death Tax' Plans 11/2/2010

BHP Billiton Chief Calls For Stable Australian Tax Regime 11/2/2010

Online Gambling Will Be Tested In French Courts And Senate 11/2/2010

Cayman Finance Restructures To Better Promote Islands' Offerings 11/2/2010

Business Data Firm Establishes Dublin Operations 11/2/2010

Removal Of Brazilian Ethanol Import Duty Likely 11/2/2010

EU Steps Up Pressure To End Banking Secrecy 12/2/2010

India and Bermuda Conclude TIEA 12/2/2010

Belize To Retain Retired Expat Incentives, Clarifies Tourism Board 12/2/2010

US Senators Unveil Job Creation Tax Cut Bill 12/2/2010

London And Dubai Explore Financial Synergies 10/2/2010

Germany Urged To Drop Tax Cuts In Favour Of Tax Base Expansion 11/2/2010