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Contributed Articles - inheritance tax

Inheritance tax when receiving from abroad

Inheritance taxes are often controversial. As people are going through a loss, the idea of taxing on inheritance raises a number of questions around fairness behind...
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Inheritance and Property Tax

In a month where Labour proposed their new progressive property tax to replace council tax, we take a look at what its impacts might be for current owners and future estate beneficiaries...
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Estate and gift taxes in Cyprus - planning is needed

When property interests are given away during life or at death, taxes are imposed on their transfer, as per Cyprus's tax law. Such taxes are known as estate and gift taxes...
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The Definitive Guide to Paying Less Tax

Nobody likes paying tax but it is something almost all of us have to do. We would all like to pay a little less tax to the tax authorities but we often overlook simple ways of doing so. It doesn't help that the UK tax rules are complicated but...
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The New Zealand "Foreign Trust" regime vs the USA "Foreign Trust" Regime

When it comes to trusts, New Zealand (NZ) and the United States of America (US) are remarkably similar, as they appear to be the only OECD countries, with recognizable "foreign trust" regimes...
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