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Contributed Articles - asset protection

How to Create a Family Office at the Price of a Passport

A family office is a unique combination of structures which protects and grows family wealth intergenerationally in a way that protects the families assets from...
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Ten Caribbean Tax Havens For Asset Protection

Tax havens are jurisdictions that impose few if any taxes on foreign individuals or companies. This has made those countries and other areas attractive locations to place assets over the long term. In the Caribbean alone, several countries are...
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15 Myths About Working With an Offshore Wealth Manager

Myths about working with a wealth manager, especially an offshore one, abound. Maybe you've even heard a few; "I don't need one", "there are lots of hidden fees", "it is illegal and unethical". The truth is that...
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Trusts Act 2019: New Zealand Foreign - or 'Offshore' - Trust Changes

New Zealand Foreign Trusts have been extremely successful for a variety of factors which include flexibility, widespread uses of trusts in New Zealand, an excellent judiciary and...
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The role of trust protectors - food for thought

The role of protectors is still a grey area in many senses. Are they quasi-trustees or are they just a safety valve? What kind of powers do they have? What is the tax treatment of trusts with...
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Offshore Trusts Guide: Jurisdictions

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