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Contributed Articles - Employment

What are the Freelance Options available in UAE?

Freelancing is becoming more common in the UAE especially with the younger generation. The Government initiatives and various cost-effective freelance permits issued by the various Freezones is supporting the new trend...
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Personal Taxation In Malta

Malta claims taxing rights on individuals based on their residence, domicile and source of income. Individuals who are ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta are taxed on their worldwide income being on all income and capital gains arising in Malta or not...
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The Key to a Successful and Family-Friendly Career

For most of us, a happy work-life balance is our number one priority. Whether you have kids or are considering having children in the future, it can be difficult to find a career that allows you that precious family time, as well as being financially secure...
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BEPS - What is it? & What is the cost on Africa?

Nice acronym but what exactly is it all about? Base erosion profit shifting...
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Tax Secrets of the Wealthy Revealed

It's no secret that America's 1% have a variety of tricks up their (or rather their financial planner's) sleeve. The real mystery is how the pull it off. Aren't the tax laws in place to keep people from taking advantage of the system...
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