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Planning To Immigrate To Hong Kong? Here Is All You Need To Know About Visa

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Because Hong Kong operates as a separate (special administrative region of China), it holds a lot of autonomy in most operations. Its visa regulations are lenient and target to encourage more people to visit whether for holiday or even business. Visitors from about 170 countries can visit and stay in Hong Kong without requiring a visa for up to 180 days. Here are the main Visas that you need to know about when travelling to Hong Kong.

Types of Hong Kong visa

  1. Investment visa: This is a unique visa that allows you to enter and stay in Hong Kong as a shareholder of an incorporated company. To achieve this, you can incorporate a company under the Hong Kong law or invest in an already existing company. The visa is aimed at attracting investors to Hong Kong. If you are starting a new company, the immigrations department requires a clear plan of the proposed business and projections of its progress in the subsequent 2 years.
  2. Entrepreneur visa: This is a method devised by the Hong Kong administration to attract innovative businesses into Hong Kong. Under the five different programs such as the Cyberport Incubation Program and Design Incubation Program among others, entrepreneurs with business ideas can apply for support by the Hong Kong administration. The vetting is usually rigorous because the Hong Kong administration only picks the most viable start-up.
  3. Employment visa: If a nonresident wants to work in Hong Kong, he must acquire an employment visa. The administration strongly encourages that all businesses source their staff locally unless the skills being sought are unavailable. In such a case, the employer will have to get a work visa that permits the employee only to work on the designated company. In the event that you intent to change job or work for a different company, the immigrations department has to be notified. The current work visa will be revoked and a new one issued for the new position.
  4. Dependant visa: If you enter Hong Kong through investment Visa or entrepreneur visa, those people who are dependent on you can also be granted entry. These include your spouse and dependent children below the ages of 18 years. The dependent visa remains valid as far as the sponsor's visa is operational.

Hong Kong identity card and right of abode

Every resident of Hong Kong of more than 11 years is required to have an identity card. Besides, all people seeking to stay in the country for more than 180 days are also required to have identity cards.

After acquiring a visa, the holder will get the right of abode after staying in Hong Kong for 7 years. When this time lapses, you are expected to have understood the way of life in Hong Kong and, therefore, can live without getting into conflict with the law. Note that most of the visas are issued on a 1-3 years period basis after which you are required to renew in order to keep staying in Hong Kong.



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