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What is an Offshore Trust and How Does It Work?

Contributed by Luigi Wewege At Caye International Bank
The underlying purpose of international finance is to provide a broader range of opportunities to grow wealth. Along with establishing accounts like savings, time deposits, and checking accounts with offshore banks, the idea of...
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Best Countries to Buy Rental Properties

Contributed by Welcome Center Malta
Being a landlord implies that you are basically being paid to own a property, as opposed to having to pay for you to gain ownership. The mortgage for that building or property will in many cases be covered by the rental income generated from leasing out the property. If you are savvy enough...
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Ten Most Important Roles of a Company Secretary

Contributed by
When you incorporate a company in Hong Kong, some of the main requirements include a bank account and physical address. More importantly, you will be required to have a resident secretary before operations can start...
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Planning To Immigrate To Hong Kong? Here Is All You Need To Know About Visa

Contributed by
Because Hong Kong operates as a separate (special administrative region of China), it holds a lot of autonomy in most operations. Its visa regulations are lenient and target to encourage more people to visit whether for holiday or even business...
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Non-resident in Hong-Kong: Essential information to open a bank account

Contributed by
Hong Kong is number one financial centre in the entire world. It has the largest number of financial institutions globally. Indeed, no big bank wants to be left out; about ž of largest banks have branches or headquarters in Hong Kong...
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Offshore Trusts Guide: Introduction

Offshore Trusts Guide: Jurisdictions

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